You know the annoyance of having hiccups for just a couple of minutes? Imagine that feeling but it's three years instead. That's exactly what happened to Chris Sands, however, his condition ended up saving his life in a way. More on that and 29 other bonkers medical facts: 

SPOONLUNG 2009 CRACKED.COM John Manley had no idea how the plastic spoon fragment got in his lung and gave him two years of pain. But doctors found it, and it still had the Wendy's logo clearly visible on it.


THE LIFE AWAKENER WAS SAID TO CURE SLEEPLESSNESS TO MEASLES TO EPILEPSY... BY REPEATED STABBINGS. After puncturing the skin, the doctor would apply oil irritant to cause blistering. CRACKED.COM


A HEART THAT DOES NOT BEAT 2011 CRACKED.COM We've had artificial hearts of various designs for decades. But Craig Lewis has a continuous pump, not a rhythmic one. That means he has no pulse. Turns out you don't need one.


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