15 Actors Whose Dying Careers Were Revived By One Role

15 Actors Whose Dying Careers Were Revived By One Role

It's not an exaggeration to say that a job can greatly affect an actor's career for good or ill. Celebrities, despite their achievements, rarely get to relax since fame can be so fickle. A single blunder can pave the way for a rival performer to replace them. The celebrities in question are today's greatest actors in Hollywood. Their career was on the decline until a chance presented itself. They have always been on the edge of leaving Hollywood whenever a hit part brought them back.

In Hollywood, not every performer becomes famous immediately. Some of the most difficult conflicts were with their professional paths, which can include some butal ups and downs. 

As any aspiring actor will tell you, building a great career in Hollywood may be one of the world's most difficult life goals. These actors managed to pull it off twice. Consider the following 15 performers whose reputations were salvaged by a single role:

JOSH BROLIN NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN CRACKED.COM Goonies never say die! The 20 years between The Goonies and Best Picture-winning No Country For Old Men brought small, forgettable roles, but Brolin's performance in No Country revived his career and lead him to much bigger roles like Thanos in the MCU.

Source: Esquire


BRENDAN BE FRASER NO SUDDEN MOVE CRACKED.COM Fingers crossed! It's been a long time since The Mummy, and it might be too early to tell, but 2021's No Sudden Move landed Fraser on Martin Scorcese's radar for 2022s Killers of the Flower Moon with De Niro and DiCaprio. Only time will tell.

Source: GQ.com


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