Tell Us Now: 14 Current Trends That Will Be Embarrassing Soon

What trend can you not wait to be over?
Tell Us Now: 14 Current Trends That Will Be Embarrassing Soon

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What's something that's cool now that will be seen as cringe-y in two years?” And you guys called us out for our use of cringe, and we respect being kept in check. Here's that, along with 13 other responses to help us all become more self-aware. 

... TELL US NOW. TIKTOK'S TEXT-TO-SPEECH VOICE TikTok Patrick W. isn't a fan of that strange voice on TikTok videos reading captions for some reason. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. TELL ME WITHOUT TELLING ME Tell me you're from the Midwest without actually telling me you're from the Tell me y Midwest... without a Aimee M. expects the trend of 'Tell me you're... without telling me you're.... I'll go first' to die soon. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. SHORT VIDEOS PLATFORMS ل TikTok Dan S. gives two years maximum to TikTok, Facebook Reels, and YouTube shorts. All of it. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. STANNING SIMPS Nathan G. predicts soon we'll laugh at The words simp, stan, and based. Either that or they'll become the new 'Live, Laugh, Love' signs. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. GETTING INTO NFTS Not even touching its environmental issues, Zach А. says, paying a ton of money for something you could just screenshot for free is beyond dumb. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. REACTING TO REACTIONS LaSherra G. imagines people will soon grow tired of TikTok reaction videos to reaction video. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. SOCIAL MEDIA MLMS AFFILIATE PROGRAM Shannon J. hopes it will be out of style to sell your friends protein shakes and essential oils through Facebook. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. MULLETS James H. tells us, I can't believe that they came back. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. GRAY WALLS Steve P. predicts what will soon grow outdated, Painting the inside walls of houses dark gray. That color will be the avocado of the future. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. USING FACEBOOK facebook PET Create an account - -- Create - - - - MacBook Pro Dustin W. gets meta, Reading this comment on Facebook. Being on Facebook is cringey. While I read and post on Facebook. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. DATING PETE DAVIDSON Cory S. has strong words about the comedian, In my opinion, still not cool, but the Kardashians are trying. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. THE WORD CRINGEY Mikki L. calls us out, saying nothing will be cringier than calling things 'cringey. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. THE BILLIONAIRE SPACE RACE Jamie F. says it will embarrassing that we witnessed billionaires blasting themselves into 'space' for a few minutes. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. BALD AND BEARDED Mike S. imagines soon it will be tacky to have a beard with a shaved head. A goatee with a shaved head is fine. But when the beard goes up and connects to nothing is just bizarre. CRACKED.COM
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