What is pop culture? It's a term that is often used but not always fully understood. In essence, pop culture refers to the shared experiences and references of a large swath of people. It encompasses the popular films, music, television shows, books, and other media that are circulated within societies across the globe.

Pop culture refers to the various elements of popular culture that are enjoyed by the masses. This could include anything from music and movies to fashion and slang. While there are many different aspects of pop culture, they all share one common trait: they're widely accepted and enjoyed by a large number of people. So what makes pop culture so popular? And why do we love it so much? That's something that's been debated for years and likely won't ever be fully understood. But one thing is for sure: pop culture is here to stay. And we can't wait to see what it has in store for us next!

OG Ghostbuster director's movies

GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE Director Jason Reitman revealed that he paid many tributes to his dad Ivan Reitman's past films. Paul Rudd's character talks about Cujo in his class and says it's like if Beethoven got rabies (Beethoven was produced by Reitman). There's also a theatre in the movie showing Cannibal Girls. CRACKED.COM


In time for Awards Season?

THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS There's a Game Awards trophy hiding away in the background where Neo walks off the rooftop in the newly released trailer. GRACKED COM


Halo's sandwich

HALO INFINITE There's a big ol' sandwich hiding in a small cubby on Highpower. CRACKED.COM


Spike's love for Bruce Lee

COWBOY ВЕВОР Spike Spiegel's fighting style incorporates Bruce Lee S philosophies, and water analogies are often used to describe the fluidity. The silver buttons on Spiegel's jacket contain the Kanji symbol for water. CRACKED.COM


Chucky's toilet humor

CHUCKY Chucky hiding in the toilet is a shout-out to the 1985 comedy-horror, Ghoulies. CRACKED.COM


Machine Gun McClane

CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS COLD WAR There's an Easter egg on John McClane's MP5 SMG. There's text on there that reads, Now I have a machine gun, which is a reference to Die Hard's elevator scene. HAVE MACHINE CUN CRACKED.COM


Musician cameo in 'La Casa de Papel'

MONEY HEIST In the hotel bar scene where Berlin confronts his son, a musician is singing Can't Take My Eyes Off You. The singer is Cecilia Krull. She also sings the show's theme song, My Life Is Going On and the guy accompanying her on piano in the scene is Manel Santisteban, the guy who composed the show's theme song. CRACKED.COM


And the best MCU car chase scene goes to...

HAWKEYE The car chase in episode 3 is a tribute to Hawkeye #3, with the tracking shot scene taken from the issue. --and now that it did, 3 dunno what to do-- --too many cars-- --too many cars-- --too many people-- --too many people-- 01 ..too many cars-- CRACKED.COM


The Mitchells Moose in the Spiderverse?

SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDERVERSE Spotted in the trailer: Miles has the same wooden moose as Katie in The Mitchells VS. the Machine. CRACKED.COM


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