15 Fascinating Facts About Those Great Apes, The Orangutans

Just like us, in so many ways.
15 Fascinating Facts About Those Great Apes, The Orangutans

We never got the whole big foot thing. If big foot was real, wouldn't it just be another great ape? It's not so much supernatural as just the existence of another big animal. In fact, we already know of the definite existence of plenty of amazing animals that deserve plenty of awe, wonder and respect.

At the top of our list is the ‘wise man of the forest’ aka the humble orangutan. These bad boys are not just capable of starring in comedy gems like Dunston Checks In, they also have neat orange hair and very fun faces. On top of that, they are one of the most peaceful and intelligent of the great apes. Sign us up!

From the incredible bond between mother and child to their insatiable appetite for those things called fruit, here are some fascinating facts about the great ape that paints better than most of us, the orangutan.

Orangutan Art

Orangutans THEY Have THeIR own PeRSOnaL aRTISTIC STYLe. Yuki Molly Gypsy Julie Kiki Female orangutans in Japan made drawings that not only reflected their personal individuality but also their moods. Their drawings changed with the seasons, too. The five apes collectively created 1,500 drawings from 2006 to 2016, and some of the apes' paintings were more complex than others. CRACKED.COM

Source: IFLS

Orangutans love the forest

Orangutans ORANGUTAN Means PeRson OF THe FOREST. They hang out in trees way more than down on the ground and, like birds, they make nests in the trees where they sleep at night. CRACKED.COM

Source: WWF

Don't come between an orangutan and their fruit

Orangutans THese GUYS aRe FRUIT LOVERS. More than 60% of their diet is made up of fruit, including lychees, mangosteens, jackfruit, mangoes and figs. They'll also eat young leaves and shoots, sometimes eggs, insects, and even tree bark and soil-only meat on rare occasions. CRACKED.COM

Source: WWF, Newsweek

Just an ape cracking a nut with a nature hammer

Orangutans THeY've Been seen USING HaMMERS TO CRACK nUTS. This behavior is believed to be one of the most complex tool-use behaviors in non-humans. CRACKED.COM

Source: Sci-News

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