15 Things That Have Been Replaced By Our Phones

15 Things That Have Been Replaced By Our Phones

With all those devices, we were walking RadioShacks. No wonder we had so many cargo pants. Today, we might all be considered hoarders if it weren’t for this magic little box. Here’s 15 things you don’t need anymore because of the smartphone.

Doorbells Maybe your phone didn't rip your doorbell out, but people used to ring that doorbell. Nowadays, they come right up to the door and text, Here! People... Think of the doorbell as a notification for the entire household. CRACKED.COM

Voice recorder OPH SONY OR Dra RARE A-BU RADITY DIVIDE AFOLDER من VOICE IC RECORDER ICD-ST25 STEREO Reporters, comedians, and memoir writers unite! No more fumbling with those AA batteries to remember that groundbreaking idea now that you can just pull up the Voice Memos app on your phone. @ CRACKED.COM

Alarm clock 9 10 8 11 7 12 6 5 1 4 2 3 Be honest, when's the last time you set an alarm on an actual alarm clock? Now we can wake up to a little bleep bloop ditty, or our favorite song (which I wouldn't recommend, since you start associating it with having to get up!) CRACKED.COM

Baby monitors & security monitors BABYCAM Okay, so you still need the camera itself to watch the little one, but you don't need one softball-sized monitor per camera, now that you can watch all the feeds on your phone. CRACKED.COM

Digital cameras & camcorders TO DIGITAL NO Canny IXUS40 CH adidas HJ Canon No more plugging in your camera to upload last night's pics on Facebook. Unless you're a professional photographer (or tell yourself you are), these two beefy devices, memory cards, and spare batteries are no longer coming out for drinks with you. CRACKED.COM

Maps s & printed directions ROAD MAP North on Route 9, then a left at the oak tree? I just need the address, Dad! I type it in Waze or Google Maps, and magically arrive without a map or printing a thick stack of Mapquest directions. @ CRACKED.COM

CD cases Remember lugging around this party suitcase with 300 little slots for your CDs? Now, with apps like Apple Music and Spotify, we have every song we could ever want right there on our phones. @ CRACKED.COM

The notebook The smartphone did not replace Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling's rain-soaked make-outs. Nothing could. But be honest... Do you still reach for a pen before reaching into your pocket for the Notes app? CRACKED.COM

Address book @ Remember Mom's little book with the name, number and address of everyone she's ever met? Or getting someone's number at the bar (very rarely), and writing it in a little black book? Well, now our Contacts app has it all. CRACKED.COM
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