32 Famous People That Kissed Reality Goodbye

32 Famous People That Kissed Reality Goodbye

Is strange the new cool? Not necessarily, but it certainly works in the context of this ranking of the weirdest celebs! Shia LaBeouf or Lady Gaga, for example, are weird, quirky, or borderline insane, and they may show themselves through unusual art forms. They might have had an odd appearance, like Dennis Rodman as well as Marilyn Manson. However, these odd celebs have it all: hilarity, controversy, and entertainment!

Controversy, as well as scandal, are two things that celebrities excel at. They make national headlines for all of the other bad purposes: sex tapes, feuds, heartbreak, and legal troubles. For some, the spotlight fades and people can move on to another big topic. For others, negative headlines continue to haunt them, causing them to become victims of 'kill culture.'

The rich and famous live in an entirely different universe than the rest of us, one that is completely devoid of reality. Here are 32 celebrities who have entirely lost their sense of reality:

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