15 Times A Landmark Gave Away A Movie's True Location

15 Times A Landmark Gave Away A Movie's True Location

If you want Hulk’s final showdown with Abomination in “New York City”, maybe don’t film them colliding directly in front of an iconic record store only found in Canada! Movies are almost always filmed in one place that is then claimed to be another. One of the biggest reasons for this is… tax breaks! How fascinating. Yes, cities and states give tax breaks and other incentives like them to movie productions to film there – Atlanta and the state of Georgia, for instance, are used very frequently as a film location for this very reason. The benefits of a film crew shooting and working in the area for the local economy is often pretty great, so it works out for both parties. But the best thing about this arrangement is that it leads to a new game for eagle eyed viewers: spot the landmark! Then you can see where the film actually is against where it claims to be. Here’s 15 of those landmarks to get you started and primed for playing on your own.

SCARFACE BE CRACKED.COM After being run out of Miami for the movie's negative portrayal of Cubans, the shoot continued in LA. In the Freedom Town scene, Manny walks under that distinct V where the I-110 and I-10 intersect near Santa Monica.

Source: Curbed

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