14 Things We Didn't Know We Were Calling By The Brand Name

Seek legal advice before you call it a "popsicle."
14 Things We Didn't Know We Were Calling By The Brand Name

You might believe you're riding a Jet Ski, but this is just a personalized watercraft if it’s not produced by Kawasaki Primary Industries (the ‘champagne’ of personalized watercraft, if you will). 

Sealed Air Corporation's biggest compliment to our civilization, which they rightfully copyrighted, is arguably Bubble Wrap. Gerber Childrenswear also owns the word Onesies, which refers to infant bodysuits. I guess that technically means we’re wearing ‘adult’ onesies right now. The trademarks are rigorously enforced, as per the company website. Even now, the slow cooker, which goes by the branded product Crock-Pot, was designed as a beanery equipment.

Many of the things we do daily, such as zippers as well as escalators, were formerly big brands. Perhaps heroin, which should never be used, had a brand name. These trademarks are or have been copyrighted, but they're now commonly used to refer to any company in a particular product area.

Generic trademarks can be found all over the place, waiting to suit us one day. Here are 14 commonplace items that have a ridiculous brand name.

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