14 World-Class Burns Comedians Threw Back At Hecklers

Sure, go ahead and annoy the witty person with the microphone. What could possibly go wrong?
14 World-Class Burns Comedians Threw Back At Hecklers

Hecklers are those people who think they're Statler and Waldorf from The Muppets after a few dry martinis. Maybe if they weren't drunk (or just rude), they'd think about how foolish it is to mess with people who might be witty, savage, or both.

If you’ll excuse the analogy, hecklers are to entertainers what sheep are to shepherds and sausages are to sausage factories–that is to say an unavoidable part of the experience. While you can't escape from them, individuals can learn how to deal with them instead of reading. Next time we might provide you with tips for dealing with those loudmouths.

The heckler comes with three varieties: the blowhard, the ambitious young comic, and the viciously hungover. Whereas most hecklers are harmless, sometimes, security does end up getting involved. This list's hecklers learned the hard way. Admittedly, some of these retorts are downright brutal, but these people had it coming.

He Just Couldn't Keep It In

Someone randomly yelled, Whoooo! during a quiet, intimate part of PATTON OSWALT's 's routine, breaking his flow. Oswalt went on a long, angry, and hilarious tirade about that one specific guy, ending with, You're gonna miss everything cool and die angry.

Source: YouTube

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