15 Technology Facts To Hack The Planet

Suck it, Alexander Graham Bell.
15 Technology Facts To Hack The Planet

Technology is a ubiquitous presence in our lives now. We have whole magazines dedicated to technology, and technology is making magazines obsolete (though not us, obviously, everyone but us). Ye, the humble beginnings of many of the utilities we take for granted are not so far in the past. The bow and arrow, like Robin Hood-style,  was once the greatest technology in warfare. A canoe used to the best boat. Not to mention, who among us can not remember a time when searching for the flash of a nipple, broadcast on live TV for a fraction of a second, required extensive research and hours spent in the archives of dusty, leather bound tomes. Now we can get pictures of nipples delivered directly to our pocket phones. Truly, we live in the greatest of human times. 

Thank a pervert today, because they're responsible for the things that make life worth living.

GOOGLE CREATING THEIR IMAGE SEARCH IS THANKS TO JENNIFER LOPEZ'S GREEN VERSACE DRESS. CRACKED.COM By February 2000, the then two year old Google knew an image search engine was something they should make, but the small team didn't give it a priority. That changed when searches for Jennifer Lopez's famous green dress spiked, and Google decided the time was now.

Source: GQ 

THERE IS AN OFFICIAL NAME FOR WHEN YOU THINK YOU FEEL YOUR PHONE VIBRATING IN YOUR POCKET. SAMSUNG CRACKED COM Phantom Vibration Syndrome is the name for when someone thinks their phone is vibrating, but it isn't. The name might be new, but these kinds of phantom twitches happen regularly, it's only now that we have a device that is always with us to blame them on.

Source: NPR 

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