Tell Us Now: 18 Terrible Gifts We've Received

Have you ever gotten a present worse than these?
Tell Us Now: 18 Terrible Gifts We've Received

When it comes to gifts, it's the thought that counts. And sometimes gifts are really thoughtless. Or worse, just cruel. We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What's the worst gift you've ever received?” And, man, oh man, did you all have some doozies. Here are 18 stories that hit us hard.

... TELL US NOW. CHILDREN'S BOOKS AND NEW GAMES! WHERE'S WALDO Karen M. says, I was 19, and the older man I was dating who was my boss gave me some Where's Waldo books for Christmas. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. VAPE FLUID Hayley R. says, My uncle once gave me a bag full of boxes of vape fluid. I don't vape. I don't even smoke. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. A FIGURATIVE SLAP Evie J. said, On my 40th birthday, I got invited to my twin sister's surprise birthday dinner where mutual friends showed up, yelled surprise for her and gave her gifts while I sat in the back. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. A POTRAIT Charlie J. says, When I was living in my college dorm room, my parents gave me a large photographic portrait of them (think church directory photo) as a Christmas gift. I guess for me to hang over my bed? Next to the Grateful Dead poster? CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. A LAWNMOWER Paul J. says, When I was 12, my dad purchased a lawnmower as a gift for me and told me that I should be grateful because I would be the ONLY person that gets to use it. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. VALENTINES FOR CHRISTMAS Jessica P. says, For Christmas, grandparents on my adoptive dad's side once got me a Valentine's Day chocolate tin that had Barbie on it because when I was little, I loved Barbies. The tin still had a $1.00 clearance sticker and was from FEBRUARY. I also got a toothbrush and toothpaste every year from them. I was 16 at the time. The other grandkids got cameras, BB guns, CDs, video games. That was the last Christmas I spent with them. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. A SECONDHAND FRAME Brandi C. shares, From an ex boyfriend..a picture of him in a frame that he took from his parents' house. I wanted the frame after we broke up so I took his picture out and behind it was a picture of him and his date at prom. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. CLOTHES PEGS Lily K. says, My ex-mother-in-law was a vile person...she got me clothes pegs, from the pound shop with the price label and reduced sticker still attached. I didn't have a clothes line, or even a garden to put a clothes line up in... CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. A LANYARD Kyle M. says, While every other kid in my family got stacks of presents and toys on Christmas, I got....a lanyard. Literally. Sitting there, everyone loaded up with gifts...then there's me (I wanna say I was between 10 and 12 years old). Sitting there with a lanyard, no keys to use it for even. Just watching everyone else open presents while I hold my lanyard. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. A GUN RACK Ferg M. says, I don't even own *а* gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack. What am I gonna do... with a gun rack? CRACKED.COM
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... TELL US NOW. CAN OPENER Sherry R. says, I was 16. Moved thousands of miles away to be with my boyfriend. Spent weeks planning the best present for him. Christmas Eve, he'd forgotten to get me a present. Не flew to the shops and was back in no time. Christmas morning, I opened my electric can opener. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. CANDLE REFILL Marci L. says, My mother once gave my husband a candle refill. No candle holder just the refill pack. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. CANCER GAG GIFT Lauren D. says, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last summer and had multiple complicated surgeries, one that left me in the ICU for three days, in addition to chemo for treatment. It was a total and complete hysterectomy (took all the lady bits) and was left with an ileostomy (where your guts stick out of your body and empty into a bag). Someone who I don't know terribly well thought it would be nice to give me 'replacement parts' - a toy uterus and ovary set (yes, they make those), as well as a
... TELL US NOW. BREWERY HAT Zac Е. once got a baseball cap from a brewery. I was three years sober at the time following a decade-long battle with alcoholism. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. CONDITIONAL BABYSITTING Candice L. shares, One week after giving birth my mother in law came over to 'watch the baby' so I could catch up on housework. Thanks? CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. AN ANSWERING MACHINE John F. says, My mother bought herself a new answering machine (yes I'm that old) and gave me her used one as a gift for Christmas. Totally fine, I don't mind a used gift. The problem is about 6 months later she calls me and leaves this message on the same answering machine, 'Hey, I was wondering if you still use that answering machine that I LET YOU BORROW, cause I'm going to need that back. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. ACNE TREATMENT Antonio S. says, I gave one girlfriend a diamond pendant, and she got me an acne face cleaning kit in return. I don't even have bad skin. CRACKED.COM


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