Cracked VS: The Deep Oceans vs. Space

Cracked VS: The Deep Oceans vs. Space

The inky black waters of the deepest oceans, and the empty void of the vast reaches of space may seem like disparate worlds without much in common. When you look really look at them, though, there are comparisons to be made. For instance, which environment will make Earth's billionaires even more billionaire-y? 

CRACKED VS FIGHTER PROFILES CRACKED.COM DEEP OCEAN SPACE Age: 13 billion Age: 4 billion years years Life: unconfirmed Life: yes outside of Earth Human Human Pollution: Pollution: Yes Yes

CRACKED VS LIFE DEEP OCEAN SPACE CRACKED.COM We have only Much is still theories about what unknown about the can exist in the life that resides 7 mostly empty miles down, but universe, although what little we have both options are managed to see scary: we are either has been completely alone, or nightmare fuel. we aren't.

CRACKED VS DANGERS DEEP OCEAN SPACE CRACKED.COM The atmospheric The vacuum of space means no air, pressure at the heat, or protection bottom of the ocean from radiation. is so great that Gravity-free manned capsules environments also have to be small to wreck the bodies of avoid being crushed long term like a soda can. astronauts.

CRACKED VS SONG INSPIRATIONS DEEP OCEAN SPACE ween The Mottark CRACKED.COM Rocket Man Ocean Man Ween, 1997 Elton John, 1972 Used in the end Ranked 242 of credits of The Rolling Stone's SpongeBob 500 Greatest SquarePants Songs of All Time. Movie.

CRACKED VS EXPLORATION DEEP OCEAN SPACE om Smithsonian CRACKED COM We've set foot We've barely scratched the surface off-world, and even of the waters furthest made Mars a planet from the surface, as entirely populated there is not much by robots. Not bad tangible benefit from for only having recording another invented flight like species of fucked up a minute ago. squid.

CRACKED VS CAPITALIST INVOLVEMENT DEEP OCEAN SPACE CRACKED.COM There are tons of Deep sea oil asteroids, drilling is a 7.3 planetoids, and billion dollar a year moons that are business, which chock full of only occasionally precious metals, results in crystals, and rare catastrophic elements that will environmental make someone that damage. isn't us rich.

CRACKED VS CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT DEEP OCEAN SPACE BLUE ORIGIN BLUE ORIGIN GRACKED COM Jeff Bezos used James Cameron his enormous has done more to wealth to win a map the ocean penis measuring floor than most contest and float environmental in low orbit while agencies, just for his employees are the movie Titanic. denied bathroom breaks.

CRACKED VS RELIGION DEEP OCEAN SPACE GRACKED.COM The Old Ones, Xenu, a space dictator, threw a Lovecraftian bunch of aliens into monsters, sleep Earth's volcanoes in the deep, and then bombed waiting for their them. The alien souls time to rise and inhabited prehistoric devour the minds man, and reside in of man. you now!

CRACKED VS BEST DISCOVERIES DEEP OCEAN SPACE CRACKED.COM There are many The adorable Earth-like Dumbo planets outside Octopus. our solar system, in the so-called Look at his Goldilocks widdle ears!! zone that may support life.

CRACKED VS WORST DISCOVERIES DEEP OCEAN SPACE CRACKED.COM There are super The terrifying massive black Bigfin Squid. holes everywhere, Look at his and at any time disgusting our whole galaxy could be sucked in knees. and destroyed.


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