12 Scientific Findings We Just Learned This Week

While you were sleeping, science was sciencing.
12 Scientific Findings We Just Learned This Week

Every day, researchers discover new things and challenge the old things they've already discovered. Science is pretty cool like that. 

Women Just As Competitive

Women are as competitive as men but express it differently 5 GRACKED COM A theory as to why the wage gap exists is that it's because women aren't as competitive, but researchers in one study showed that, unlike men, women are more inclined to compete when they can share the winnings.

Source: PNAS

New Dinosaur Names to Learn

Two new dinosaur species might have been discovered CRACKED COM Watch out, Jurassic Park scientists, more dinos are coming. Researchers believe they have discovered bones from new giant predatory species closely related to the Spinosaurus.

Source: Nature

Cute Wil Planet Discovered

Aw, scientists discover a baby planet E b CRACKED.COM Scientists recently found possibly the youngest planet that we know of. The little bundle of joy is estimated to be a few times bigger than Jupiter. Happy disovery day, li'l 2M0437b.

Source: CBS News

Can We Tell Your Culture From Your Laugh?

We can tell whether people are part of our cultural group just from their laugh CRACKED.COM In one study, Dutch and Japanese people could identify the culture of someone just from a brief segment of laughter. Regardless of culture, spontaneous laughter was rated as most positive.

Source: ScienceDaily

Study Says Video Games Don't Make Kids Violent, Again

Yet another study shows violent video games don't lead to real-life violence. CRACKED.COM Try as they might, researchers still can't find a link between violence and video games. It's almost like giving children access to controllers isn't the issue...

Source: ScienceDaily

Multilingual, Regardless of Fluency

Regardless of actual fluency, student who self-identify as multilingual perform better CRACKED.COM Student who felt a personal connection with other languages, regardless of actual ability to fluently speak other languages, performed better across all subjects, even non-language ones.

Source: ScienceDaily

Video Not As Persuasive As You Might Think

Watching videos is only a little more persuasive than reading text CRACKED.COM In a study about the spread of political misinformation, researchers learned that people were more likely to believe videos but were only a little more likely to be persuaded by them than text.

Source: PNAS

Snakes Avoided the Astroid

Today's snakes evolved from the survivors of the astroid that wiped out dinosaurs CRACKED.COM New research says all living snakes evolved from just a handful of species that weren't killed by that fateful astroid. The huge variety of snakes (over 3,700 species) we have now didn't exist pre-dinosaurs.

Source: Nature

Dementia and Happiness

Early adulthood happiness may protect against dementia CRACKED.COM For glass half empty people, even more bad news for people who are already unhappy: depressed young adults are likely to have lower cognition 10 years later.

Source: IOS

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