13 Scrumptious Facts To Fill Out Our Mental Pantry

13 Scrumptious Facts To Fill Out Our Mental Pantry

t can be difficult to be upbeat in an office, particularly once you're trapped inside practically all of the time. This can make us dull, but If you understand where to search, there are limitless interesting and entertaining trivia pieces that can immediately perk your spirits.

Prepare yourself for a brainy dose of unexpected entertaining facts that would make you wonder about anything you assumed you knew about the universe.

Some people consider useless information to be cool, fantastic, and interesting facts that contribute to making the world a more exciting and astonishing place. Are you one of the people who have a knack for stumbling onto unexpected nuggets of information? If that's the case, be ready to get your buttons pushed by these fascinating, entertaining facts that will astonish both adults and children.

The brain is similar to a muscle in that it requires regular stimulation to thrive. Stimulation, for example, in the form of facts such as...

In the Viking age, women could own property and get a divorce. Which kind of sounds basic, but it was surprisingly progressive for that time. CRACKED.COM


It turns out that the country of Iran is a major market for American bull semen. In fact, Iran appreciates American bull semen so much, the US is easily the #1 exporter of bull semen to Iran. CRACKED.COM


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