12 Lamest James Bond Villains

These baddies aren’t worth a spoiled martini
12 Lamest James Bond Villains

If there's one thing the James Bond movies are known for, it's their villains. From Blofeld to Dr. No to Oddjob, the franchise has provided some of pop culture's most memorable baddies. However, in recent years, the series has struggled to come up with truly fiendish foes for 007 to tangle with. The result has been a string of uninspired and uninteresting villains who lack both the charm and the menace of their predecessors. The next Bond movie needs to return to what made the franchise great by giving us a villain we can root against. Otherwise, it's time for Mr. Bond to hang up his license to kill.

People always talk about the great villains in James Bond movies, but what about the lamest ones? In this article, we'll take a look at some of the worst villains to ever grace the big screen in a 007 movie. Whether it's because they're cliché, underdeveloped, or just plain cheesy, these bad guys are definitely not worth cheering for!


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