14 Pop Culture Hidden Details We Think Are Pretty Rad

14 Pop Culture Hidden Details We Think Are Pretty Rad

We all know that pop culture is a huge part of our lives. It can be a source of entertainment, information, and even education. When it comes to pop culture, there are few things as universally loved as movies. Whether it's a heart-wrenching drama or an action-packed thriller, movies can take us on a journey like no other form of entertainment can. 

There are some hidden gems in pop culture that we can all appreciate. Hidden details in pop culture can be really cool. They often fly under the radar, and we don't even know they're there. Whether it's a small detail in a movie or something someone said on a TV show, these moments make us think, "That's pretty rad." But once we see them, we can't help but think they're pretty awesome. In this article, we share some of our favorite hidden details in pop culture that we think is pretty rad. Stay tuned!

Google's Diwali Easter egg dwal x a Violice ID Name 1 More O Shopping Toole Images About 563 ООО ООО multi SOUM seconds Thursday. 4 November Diest 2021 Feedbare Pe SO ask What means? Why Dwal is celebrated Do Christians celebrate Diwall? Is Diwai a Hindu holiday? Diwali Feedback CRACKED.COM Festival For the Diwali celebrations of 2021, Google added an oil lamp called a diya to the search page for Diwali. Click on the lamp to see many more appear, each with their own emitting light.

Source: CNN

A new Mario Easter egg in a Sega game has been found. CRACKED.COM It took 26 years for a player to spot Mario sitting in one of the files of the game Astal released in 1995.

Source: SVG

The Stranger Things 4 trailer and all the Freddy Krueger references CRACKED.COM Not only is Robert Englund starring in the fourth season of the show, but his character wears a fedora much like Freddy, and during a dinner scene with his family, Dream A Little Dream Of Me is playing.

Source: IGN

Adrian Veidt's identity in the Watchmen series was hinted at in the very first episode. During a scene, Veidt's famous Roman helmet can be seen in the background behind Jeremy Irons. CRACKED.COM

Source: Vulture

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