29 Celebrities Who Have Some Wildly Surprising Beliefs

Well, didn't see that one coming.
29 Celebrities Who Have Some Wildly Surprising Beliefs

Celebrities, no matter what the tabloids say, are not just like us. Or maybe they (looks around suspiciously at neighbors). But it's undeniably true that fame and fortune do weird things to a person's brain. Imagine how you'd be if you were an overnight millionaire with the bright lights of a billion cameras going off and the constant feeling of being star-struck because one of your idols just said they love your work? You'd end up going a little crazy, right? We know we would. 

But here's the thing: sometimes, these celebs go to some truly wild places. Hells bells, sometimes they're raised believing in some truly wild things. We're not exactly here to judge, but…damn. Whether it's deeply believed conspiracy theories or just surprising contradictions, we don't know celebrities as well as we might think. Here are some of the surprising things that they believe, for one reason or another.

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