We were fed a lot of baloney as kids. Now, if it was fried and served with a little mayo on some white bread that was terrible for you that was fine, but most of the baloney came in the form of pronouncements and declarations that were presented as fact, yet had zero basis in it. Yet we ate it up, because baloney. 

But we're here to rewrite history that way. Like Moon Knight's Khonshu, we're turning back the sky to the time of our youth when all this happened. So crack open a Surge and some Pop Rocks. It's time to settle these playground debates once and for all. A daddy long-legs can't hurt you, goldfish remember more than what happened three seconds ago, and a penny falling from the top of the Empire State Building is not a deadly weapon. Arm yourself against Fake-News with the facts and logic below:

MYTH: THE TRYPTOPHAN IN TURKEY MAKES YOU SLEEPY. CRACKED.COM Turkey has the same amount of tryptophan as chicken and beef, two meats not known for their sleepiness properties. If you want to nap after your Thanksgiving meal, it has more to do with the amount you ate.

Source: NY Times 

MYTH: YOUR HAIR AND FINGERNAILS GROW AFTER YOU DIE. CRACKED COM When the fat and muscle breaks down on a human corpse and shrinks body mass, it exposes more of the hair and nails that are usually under the skin. This can make hair and nails appear longer, but they are as dead as the body they're attached to.

Source: BBC

MYTH: YOU NEED TO DRINK 8 GLASSES OF WATER A DAY. CRACKED.COM Water needs vary by person, SO there is no specific amount everyone needs to drink. Drinking too much water can be just as harmful as not drinking enough. The real rule is to drink when you're thirsty.

Source: Healthline 

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