13 Comedian Feuds We Didn’t Know About

13 Comedian Feuds We Didn’t Know About

Several stand-up comedians have feuded over accusations of pirated material, including Carlos Mencia and Joe Rogan's infamous on-stage 2007 bitter rivalry and Louis C.K.'s squabbles with Dane Cook and Dennis Leary, the latter of which influenced an episode of C.K.'s show, before we knew what we now know. While most of these feuds concluded only over time, nearly 30 years for Garth and Wayne, as well as others, appear to be here to stay.

Comedy feuds are not amusing. The artists who introduce us to tears can become a fiercely competitive bunch who grab one another's work, junk one another press, and sometimes even come to blows in rare circumstances. Several such feuds have erupted between recently departed cast members of Saturday Night Live throughout the series’ 40-plus year run.

What happens when you mix a couple of entertainers and just a little antagonism?. Aside from stupid jokes, here are some of the most heated feuds between comedians.

COMEDY DEL NERD For a long while, Marc Maron absolutely couldn't stand Jon Stewart. Stewart became pretty successful while Maron was still grinding away, so Maron got spiteful and would do things like calling out Stewart on stage. CRACKED.COM


COMEDY DE NERD Apparently, Kevin Hart and Mike Epps have been locked in a feud for years. It all started in 2014, when Epps said Hart was one overrated comedian and, over the years, it just kept gaining steam and going and going CRACKED.COM



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