20 Famous Celebs Who Pulled Off Major Lies

Maybe the Romans were right about actors after all...
20 Famous Celebs Who Pulled Off Major Lies

Celebrities love myth-making. And sure, everyone wants to tell the most interesting story about themselves. Prince wrote and starred in a whole movie released in conjunction with a record about how he had a miserable home life with an abusive father…despite his dad being a jazz musician who taught him how to play music and has writing credits on much of said album. But that's understandable. A movie about a loving father who raises a son who grows up to write Purple Rain, one of the greatest albums of all time, for crissakes—that's not a compelling story. An underdog overcoming a broken home against all odds to release Purple Rain? Now THAT'S a compelling story!


Sometimes, though, these little lies celebs tell are beyond the pale. Fun historical fact: in ancient Rome, actors were on one of the lowest rungs of the social caste. After reading these tales of dastardly celebrity deceit, you may think the ancients were on to something...

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