Star Wars has turned into something nobody could have envisioned. Nobody. Especially not George Lucas. No, the guy who was surprised at how many people were lined up outside the theater to see the original film could not have possibly envisioned that his little space movie would change the course of entertainment history. And if George tells you different then George is lying.

It's well-documented that Sir Alec Guinness found the whole business beneath him and pretty much a colossal waste of time. Luckily for us, he did it, picked up his check, and we all moved on to Ewan McGregor.

Besides all of that business, the history of Star Wars is filled with fascinating facts and tidbits. Did you know for example that early on during development George Lucas wanted Yoda to be played by an actual monkey? More on that and 29 other behind-the-scenes facts about the Star Wars franchise: 

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