13 Boredom Blasting Trivia Tidbits

13 Boredom Blasting Trivia Tidbits

Keeping a healthy sense of wonder about the universe around you could help you strengthen your intellect, be healthier, enhance your connections, and sometimes even increase your productivity. Albert Einstein, for example, once said, "I don't have any particular abilities. I'm only intrigued because I'm passionate about it." Dear reader, that could be you!

If you would like to follow in Einstein's footsteps and get those positive benefits, read the sweet intel we've assembled here. These facts? They’re entertaining, intriguing, and certain to capture your attention. It's time to arm yourselves with all kinds of amazing knowledge whose possession will instantly boost your confidence.

For example we bet you didn’t know that Sonic 3's music had a distinct Michael Jackson flavor to it when fans first heard it. We now have confirmation of Jackson's involvement, as well as an exceedingly embarrassing photo, after all these years. Here are 12 fun facts about animals, including one about echidnas that you will not like (sorry!).

THE CHARACTERS IN THE SUPER SMASH BROS. FRANCHISE ARE TOYS ON IMAGINARY ADVENTURES. CRACKED.COM The opening sequences of the first two Super Smash Bros. titles start with toy figures being turned into the characters you'll ultimately use to battle with in the game. More recent entries into the franchise left out this aspect, but the intention was always that the characters are actually toys and the fantastical sequences are imaginary.

Source: Time

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