We all love pirates. It's not that surprising really. Absolute mad lads, who love the sea, parrots, hook hands, grog and loot galore. There's just something about the fantasy of breaking away from society, living on the run and frequenting tropical ports of call in between daring raids for treasure.

The thing is though, there's probably a lot of facts about pirates you never knew. For example, did you know modern workers comp reforms can largely be traced back to practices on pirate ships, where crews had formal systems for compensating injuries? We couldn't believe the true story behind the jollyroger.

The name Blackbeard probably makes you think of a scourge of the seas who enjoyed a long reign of terror. The reality is … not quite that. 

So if you're hankerin' for more fascinating pirate facts, gird your loins, hoist the mizzen, swab the poop decks and get scrolling!

Here’s the full story, plus 12 others:

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