13 Bits Of Trivia To Add A Few More Wrinkles To Your Cerebrum

13 Bits Of Trivia To Add A Few More Wrinkles To Your Cerebrum

As Ralph Waldo Emerson and the Mortal Kombat 3 arcade machine said, “There is no knowledge that is not power.”

Want to get powerful?

You do, don't you? Everyone wants to be a bit more powerful. Usually power can only come through years of lifting weights, smiting your opposition, years of grind, and lots of money. But you don't have money. Or a gym membership. Or, really, any enemies to motivate you to the next level.

Well, we at Cracked can't help you with those methods to achieve power. After all, we don't have money to loan you and we're still working on getting our certificate to be a licensed personal trainer and self-help guru. But we can help you with that knowledge part. We can fill you up so full of random knowledge that your brain will go Super Saiyan (you won't see it turn blonde or glow under your protective skull, but believe us, it's doing that).

Blobfish might look like hideous caricatures of humans, but they're really not. They evolved for extreme pressure, and look like normal fish at their native depth. They just kinda go saggy when they reach the surface. CRACKED.COM


Lead pencils have no lead, never have had any, and aren't named for containing lead. In Ancient Rome, they used bits of lead to draw lines that they'd later fill out with a brush called a pencillus - hence the association. CRACKED.COM


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