Cracked VS: Mario VS Link

Which man-of-few-words has the better franchise?
Cracked VS: Mario VS Link

Today we answer the question: Who is the better video game beat-em-up boy? Could it be Mario “the Italian Stallion” Mario, or Link “Elf on the Shelf” … Link?  (Yeah, that's his real last name apparently)

CRACKED VS CHARACTERISTICS MARIO LINK CRACKED.COM A stubby, A silent, Italian day blond, elf laborer in twink in a overalls. tunic and tights. WINNER: LINK
CRACKED VS MAIN ANTAGONIST MARIO LINK DA A fire A psycho breathing Pig-Man that turtle that occasionally occasionally uses sorcery to joins Mario decimate a Go-Karting. kingdom. WINNER: LINK
CRACKED VS FIRST APPEARANCE MARIO LINK .ZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZ tate CRACKED.COM Mario Bros. (arcade The Legend of Zelda; game); the first time one of the greatest the character was games ever made, given the 6.5 million name selling Mario. A minigame copies. This title has inspired by been released this first on handheld and virtual incarnation appears in console for many of Super Mario Bros. III. Nintendo's systems. WINNER: LINK
CRACKED VS FLAGSHIP SERIES MARIO LINK CRACKED.COM Super Mario Bros.; The Legend of Zelda; the titular Mario more or less self-contained faces hordes of adventure stories that minor enemies until fall into a fractured and he can have a messy timeline, showdown with his featuring our hero in arch nemesis, many different stages Bowser. of his life. WINNER: TIE
CRACKED VS SETTING MARIO LINK CRACKED.COM A technologically A technologically backwards land of backwards land of haunted forests, haunted forests, castles, and ruins, castles, and ruins, populated by living populated by the fungus that are creepiest people ruled by a human you've ever seen. woman. WINNER: MARIO
CRACKED VS LOVE INTEREST (FIRST APPEARANCE) MARIO LINK BH BUTTON B CRACKEDO Princess Princess Zelda Toadstool is is kidnapped by kidnapped by Ganon and Bowser and serves only to serves only to motivate the motivate the hero. hero. WINNER: NO ONE
CRACKED VS LOVE INTEREST (CURRENT APPEARANCE) MARIO LINK CRACKED.COM Princess Peach is Princess Zelda an accomplished awakens her athlete, sacred power to competitive save Link, and fighter, and then seals herself appears in most and Ganon away Mario games for 100 years. WINNER: EVERYONE
CRACKED VS WEAPONS MARIO LINK CRACKED.COM Mario can sometimes Link can freeze shoot fireballs and time, move objects glide in the air, but with magic, and most of his killin' is completely done by jumping obliterate his foes directly on top of his with his arsenal of enemies. He can also turn into cat medieval a and weaponry. get... cat powers? WINNER: LINK
CRACKED VS FAMILY MARIO LINK CRACKED.COM Brother Luigi, who's been An unnamed uncle that by his side for decades, is immediately killed. and has his own hit Link also lives with his franchise. Other family sister and grandmother members only appear on in Wind Waker, his the live action show, plus grandfather Smith in Grandpoppy who appears The Minish Cap, and on the cover of Nintendo his Power and looks like the appears as own Sea Captain from The ancestor in Twilight Simpsons. Princess. WINNER: MARIO
CRACKED VS OTHER VIDEO GAMES MARIO LINK ORIGINAL GAME Dr.Marionscondine commiss CRACKED.COM Nistenda Mario has had many Link appears spinoffs, minor in other appearances, and has had his likeness Nintendo slapped on everything from a titles that Tetris clone to star Mario. educational games WINNER: MARIO
CRACKED VS TELEVISION SHOW MARIO LINK CRACKED.COM The Super Mario The Legend of Zelda Bros. Super Show! in TV series debuted on the Mario 1989, animation Bros. Super with Show! The last by Sei Young remaining vestige of the Animation. Mario is series is Link's line, played by wrestler Well excuse me, Capt. Lou Albano, princess! which is where he begs you to uttered multiple times please do the Mario. an episode. WINNER: THE SONIC THE HEDGEHOG SHOW
CRACKED VS VERDICT: TIE Both characters are the beloved figurehead of critically and financially successful franchises. CRACKED.COM Check back when the Chris Pratt Mario movie releases.


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