The director is the ruler and arbiter of what happens and doesn't happen on a set. They are the leader of the film or TV project. They can make or break careers and movies as a whole. It's a position made for those who can wield such power toward creative ends. It is also a position that leads itself toward egotistical choices, arrogance, and outright douchebaggery.

Seriously, some of the best directors in the history of film have moments or a whole career's worth of making life more difficult for the people working for them. Sure, David O. Russell makes great movies, but there's no need to bully Amy Adams and Lily Tomlin. Same with James Cameron and his treatment of women, too. Wes Anderson seems okay, but whatever you do, don't argue about the cuff-length on a suit.

Here are details about some of the most jerkhole behaviors done by powerful directors in Hollywood.

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