12 Factoids To Feed A Brain With

12 Factoids To Feed A Brain With

Cracked exists to teach you things and to make all of the authors and artists rich, famous, and seductive. We're focusing even more on the pedagogical perspective because the second part of this goal statement has long been deemed a complete failure (just ask any of us). These facts won't necessarily help you find a job (with the possible exception of writing for a website), but they will offer you something to talk about in a small chat, which can be just as difficult (again, just ask any of us).

If you're anything like me, you enjoy learning interesting trivia. They are simply incredibly fascinating! It's also okay to browse through a listicle in your free time, but occasionally it's interesting to delve deeply into a subject. Because of this, I'm sharing with you some of the wackiest and greatest weird information regarding food today. Good appetite!

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Crop-eating elephants are a massive problem for farmers. Literally. The solution? Chili peppers. Super hot peppers are grown or hung around crops, and the fumes are none too friendly to an elephant schnoz. CRACKED.COM

Source: NPR

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