13 Trivia Tidbits From "Idiocracy"

Mike Judge is either a psychic or a time traveler.
13 Trivia Tidbits From "Idiocracy"

In 2006, Mike Judge predicted a future wherein a land of idiots is ruled by a professional wrestler-turned-president, succeeded by an extremely average dude named Joe. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. What was the deal with this oddly (and terrifyingly) prescient movie and what kind of wild substances was Mike Judge using to make it?

The weirdness doesn’t just stop at the premise though.  The film and it’s making is chock full of wild details that made our jaws drop. Consider the original fate of President Camacho, and the way Terry Crews changed the role, or the lengths Luke Wilson went to avoid being the shortest person in any shot. Even the reason for the Austin, Texas shooting location was fascinating.

So, don’t act like you belong in Idiocracy–if you’re interested we’ve got 13 more wild behind-the-scenes facts about the movie that has aged all too well. Scroll on down to see some of these jaw dropping tid-bits.

Justin Long got the script from Stuart Cornfield, Ben Stiller's late producing partner. LEADIX FLORIE While talking on the set of Dodgeball, Cornfield stated My favorite comedy script that's out there will never be made. I'll send it to you as an example of the best comedy writing right now.
Terry Crews auditioned 7 times for the role of President Camacho. mas dotor UHT FEESI EX Terry Crews was different to how I imagined , but when he came in and read for it, it really clicked, Judge recalled.
President Camacho was not originally into the script. The writers were not happy with an A.I. president and the character was created during re-writes.
An extra claimed Luke Wilson clearly didn't like being the shortest guy in the frame. The extra even claims Wilson stood on boxes during some shots to appear taller while comparing the issue to his experience on the Old School set.
Movie theaters showing the film had no posters Or movie title. COMING SOON TICKET UNKNOWN MIKE JUDGE PROJECT Tickets were sold for ''Unknown Mike Judge Project. Moviephone had showings listed the same way.
The movie predicted the rise of Crocs. UNITED STA OF OMMOGO Even though Mike Judge hated them, production began in 2004 with the unknown shoe. By the time the film released in 2006, the Crocs' popularity was just starting.
3001 was the original name of the film. Writer/Director Mike Judge liked the idea of a play on 2001: A Space Odyssey.. He decided to change it after realizing Futurama was set in the same year.
Texas rapper Scarface played the pimp upgrayedd. The rapper is friends with the director in real life and previously collaborated with him for the Office Space soundtrack.
Wal-Mart was 1 of 2 companies that declined use of their brands. COFFEE STA RBUCKS 1/2 OFF GENTLEMAN'S LATTES All approved branding featured in the film were only submitted as back-ups just in case Starbucks said no. The mass approval was unexpected.
Idiocracy only opened in 7 'theaters after a year of sitting on a shelt. peals ceal RETUSN 20th Century Fox was accused of burying the film because they did not screen it for critics. They also did no promotions or press releases.
Mike Judge first saw Dax Shepard on Punk'd. Shepard was playing Jessica Simpson's cousin. The prank led to voice work on Judge's King of the Hill and the role of Frito.
Production went over by $100,000 at one point during filming. Mike Judge hated budget meetings SO much that he was willing to pay out of pocket just to keep going.
Idiocracy was filmed in Austin, TX so that the director could stay close to his family. Mike Judge thought about never returning to film after the box office failure of Office Space. He wanted to spend more time with his kids and the set location made it possible.


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