A film director's job is to provide a nuanced evaluation of a movie's strengths and limitations. And even sometimes, it's just to reassure readers that taking their kids to see, say, "Space Jam 2: A Legacy" won't make them want to try to overdose on stale theater nachos. There is also the need to make a connection with other people who survived that comes from sitting through a relatively boring film.

Everyone enjoys watching movies. They're a hit with everyone. From crime fiction to explorations, humor to horror films, movies are a part of every day, and the film industry is expanding all the time. Take a look at famous movies and how they had ding-dong real-world consequences.

The release of the second trailer for The Phantom Menace was a watershed moment not only for Star Wars fans but for the entire internet. So scroll down and read more. Here's the complete story, as well as 14 others:

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In the '90s, watches were huge partly because of action movie stars. Watches were marketed by the likes of Ahnuld and Stallone, who had huge wrists, which influenced the trend of wearing oversized watches. CRACKED.COM

Source: GQ


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