14 Weirdest Ways People Got Rich

14 Weirdest Ways People Got Rich

The American dream is to get rich quick, but that’s a pipe dream, dear reader. You see, the only way to get ahead and become a self-made millionaire is to work hard, pitch amazing ideas, and grind for years and years. In time, your investment in your work and the experience you’ve acquired can put yourself among the elites. That is, if your sticktoitiveness and risks pay off. Then again, you could  just make novelty rotten teeth.

It’s amazing not only what people spend their money on but who has entered into higher tax brackets because of it. Some people become millionaires due to a new invention to improve your life and the lives of others. Other people get rich from selling discounted chicken in a parking lot or a pixel of ad space.

Take some notes because you’re about to learn some of the oddest and weirdest ways people got rich:

By selling ad space, one pixel at a time. ThemimonDollor Homepage SAVEN2 FRE LEASE RentClicks A CASINO VebHosting CASINOSCAMS CRACKED Alex Tew launched the website milliondollarhomepage.comi in 2005 which was a square containing 1 million pixels. Each pixel was up for sale for just $1 and would turn into a hyperlink of your choosing. Companies quickly bought out dozens of pixels at a time, turning the blank canvas into a tapestry of ads, and Alex walked away with a hefty sum.

Source: BBC

By reviewing toys on Youtube. 002745 R CRACKED.COM Ryan is a 7-year-old who stars in the YouTube channel Ryan's World reviewing toys the way only an adolescent can. As the market of children watching endless hours of YouTube grows exponentially, Ryan (and his savvy parents) cashed in big time with their videos, making $22 million a year on YouTube alone.

Source: Forbes

By making cat memes. LOLCATS CRACKED.COM Kari Unebasami sent her friend Eric Nakagawa a photo of a cute cat with a phonetically spelled out caption in 2007 after Eric had a bad day. The two launched I Can Haz Cheezburger for such animal mash-ups, which became an internet sensation. After it was all said and done, Eric walked away with $10 million from the venture.

Source: Wired

By tricking customers with a fake bakery. CRACKED.COM The Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt brand was a mild success prior to opening a boutique in 2005, but going all in on the bakery illusion launched them into another level. They modeled their storefront to look like a foreign bakery, packaging apparel in pastry boxes and using vanilla scented air fresheners to lure in customers.

Source: NPR

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