In the Great Depression, newspapers used by the homeless for warmth were called Hoover Blankets. It wasn't the only jab at the President, including calling empty, turned-out pockets Hoover flags. CRACKED.COM

Source: History

Between 20 and 40 men are believed to have died during the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. Many died from what we now know as the bends after leaving pressurized areas allowing underwater work. CRACKED.COM

Source: History

The late singer Selena was a huge fan of famously fancy jeweled eggs known as Faberge Eggs. She collected over 500 of the stunning spheroid shapes, which are on display at the Selena museum. CRACKED.COM

Source: Musicoholics

The okapi is an animal that likes its privacy, preferring to live a solitary life within a large secluded area. They mark their territory with a sticky tar-like substance coming from their hooves. And urine, of course. CRACKED.COM

Source: Maryland Zoo

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