Hey, you! No, not the guy behind you. You! You like pop culture, right? And you like knowing little bits of trivia about pop culture? Dude, us too! And as pop culture trivia knowers, we know that an insane amount of detail is put into the scenes and backgrounds of our favorite movies and TV shows. But squint a little closer, and you'll see that some worlds have far deeper gems than a casual viewer could ever notice. That's why we're here: for your enlightenment. 

Turns out King Kong and T-Rex traveled on the same ship—which, now that we think about it, that ship must have been built out of the strongest iron imaginable. A T-Rex and a King Kong? Goodness. Oh, and Midnight Mass is hiding one insidious mirror. Check out this list of hidden details and Easter eggs to add to your collection of pop culture knowledge.

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