12 Nuggets Of Interesting Trivia

But why did “mechanized water tanks” get shortened to tanks, not mechs?
12 Nuggets Of Interesting Trivia

Some events are essential, whether you choose them or not. They are situations where people meet potential business partners as well as future love interests or lifelong friends. Except for the most self-assured as well as a confident member of the crowd, who among us wouldn't want to be the life of the party? Or know exactly what to say to boost up a flagging conversation? 

Even with a friendly introduction, striking up a conversation with strangers can be intimidating. Not many of us spent long years traveling the world and exposing ourselves to others. Of course, you have to start somewhere. Look, it never hurts to have some absolutely wild, jaw dropping factoids up your sleeve either.

Military tanks earned their name because the cover story, while they were being developed, was that they were mechanized water tanks. Are you looking for more? Here's the whole thing, plus 12 more:

Military tanks get their name from a lie told by the British military long ago. Tanks were developed in secret, and workers who made them were told they were mechanized water tanks for soldiers in deserts. The name stuck. CRACKED.COM

Source: PRI

Durex unexpectedly kept the 1971 Formula 1 championship from airing on the BBC. BREATH TOTAL R RedBil TOTAL Durex advertised on one of the teams, which the BBC considered totally unacceptable - when the Durex logo wasn't taken off, the BBC refused to film. CRACKED.COM

Source: BBC

Pretty much everybody in the Netherlands can walk to a nearby supermarket. 80% of Dutch people live within one kilometer of a supermarket the region with the longest average distance is Drenthe and Friesland, with 1.2. CRACKED.COM

Source: CBS

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