Losing Keys Is An Old Person's Game

If you're tired of constantly forgetting your keys, locking yourself out, or just using a system that's literally ancient, you can do something about that.

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Sometimes a TV show’s episode numbers have a bit more to it than you think. And yeah, this is Cracked dot com, we do Easter Egg lists all the time. We know this stuff. But even our expert eyes miss things. What did you expect? Not every private detective gets his man or woman, and not every internet sleuth gets their Easter Egg. So ease up off our backs about it, okay? 

Anyway, back to the regularly scheduled Easter Egging. Did you know the Rachel Leigh Cook vehicle She's All That and Ted Lasso share something in common? Neither did we! What a pull by the writers! Isn't that cool? Here’s that, plus a a list of 13 more entries that will make you smarter (oh, and one featuring Tesla making a fart joke. No, not about how their cars are farts, though that was our first guess. It's cleverer than that).

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