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The Simpsons is known for its celebrity guest stars, but no other show has shared its universe more than Saturday Night Live. Here are 12 SNL cast members who made Springfield a second home. 

WILL FORTE finally gave voice to King Toot CRACKED.COM King Toot's Music Store lived next to Moe's for several seasons, but we didn't get to meet His Highness until Season 26. Toot shows up just long enough to get into a fistfight with Moe over dumpster rights. You call that a testicle kick?


JONLOVIT2 got his Critic gig from The Simpsons CRACKED.COM Artie Ziff was a one-off character, but writers loved him SO much they brought him back six times. All hail the homecoming king: Fellow classmates, instead of voting for some athletic superhero or a pretty boy, you elected me, your intellectual superior, as your king.


AMY POEHLER is Bart Simpson's future love CRACKED.COM Future Bart can't resist the charm's of Poehler's skateboarding. Jenda. He exclaims, Hey, about some forehead! before the two engage in a flirtatious head butt. It's no wonder he'll marry her. And no wonder she'll divorce him.

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