15 Now-You-Know Facts From The Not-So-Distant Past

15 Now-You-Know Facts From The Not-So-Distant Past

Ah, the Millennial age is coming to a close, clinging onto their dwindling youth as the Zoomers are rising into prominence. That said, who doesn’t appreciate a good throwback (is “throwback” still a word or something the olds say)? When going back and reflecting on our past, we can look upon several things fondly while also learning some new tidbits about them. 

Hey! That’s what this Pictofact is about!

I’m sure you have a dead Tamagotchi in your basement or attic somewhere, but were you aware that you could have it buried in a special cemetery? Or that the city you created in SimCity could never be made for a really depressing reason? Or that you could still use your old Blockbuster card in Oregon?

Take a trip down memory lane, soak in the nostalgia, and give your impressionable, young, still-awkward-on-dates past a full body massage with these random factoids about your not-so-distant past.

The Hamster Dance was created on a competition between an art student, her friend, and her sister to see who could get the most traffic RR The creator Deidre LaCarte and her friend later got married. Internet memes have brought people together since their beginning. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

Source: CBC

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