Tell Us Now: 14 History Facts We Should Have Learned In School

Tell Us Now: 14 History Facts We Should Have Learned In School

We are not sure what it is about history that makes it so boring, but we guess we were just never taught the interesting parts. Like, why did Napoleon die in exile? Or how did the Cold War start? Sure, we learned about all the big battles and political decisions, but there are so many other fascinating details that we wish we had known. Maybe if schools started teaching more of the juicy bits, people would be less likely to complain about history class. Who knows! But in case you're curious like us, here are some little-known historical facts that we should have learned in school. Enjoy!

History is written by the winners...or so some loser said because we're not sure who said it first. "What is a historical fact that isn't taught in schools and should be?" we asked Cracked readers on Facebook. Reading (and fact-checking) the responses taught us a lot. We've compiled a list of 14 facts that we hope you already know.

TELL US NOW. Matthew W. says, Many of the 'historical statues' of Confederate generals that people get upset about being taken down were not put up as a result of the Civil War but rather in response to the civil rights movement. The construction of Confederate monuments spiked during the 1900s when Jim Crow laws were enacted, and 1950s to 1960s, during the civil rights movement. CRACKED.COM

Source: NPR

TELL US NOW. Christopher F. would like to see American schools teach about the contributions of the other countries in WWII. Americans generally don't know or appreciate the sacrifices countries like France made, or the simple fact that Russia is why the Allies won. We just swooped in at the end and claimed a mostly undeserved win by committing a war crime. CRACKED.COM


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