15 Trivia Tidbits For Your Thursday

Vin Diesel? He is Groot because he couldn't keep his mouth shut.
15 Trivia Tidbits For Your Thursday

Have you ever taken a look at the world? That place is incredible -- it’s like a huge, sprawling, immeasurable, incredibly detailed open world game. Every step of the way you find stuff you didn’t expect, like these facts here we have looted for you. 

Some people are into mundane and predictable facts. We call them ‘sheeple’. Not us, we love our facts wild, unpredictable and RANDOM. If an unsurprising fact waltzes in the door, guess what? We tell that thing to scram. That’s right, we are on a no nonsense mission to find out some really bizarre and surprising things.

For example, Jeff Bezos might not be the next Mother Teresa but the figures describing his absolutely unbelievable net worth are not exactly accurate. To be fair though, he is ‘launch myself into space’ level rich, so that’s pretty good.

So scroll on at these wild facts while we try to figure out how many FPS this thing runs on. (Probably a lot).

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