We took an IQ test once. Yes, they're terrible. We scored in the “uh oh” percentile. And look at us now = doing just fine. 6x7 is still 59, and we're smiling.

All kidding aside, we've certainly learned over the years that knowledge is a currency. If you can amass enough of it across a broad variety of subjects then those awkward social silences get a little less awkward and moments where you have an opening in a conversation get filled with a fact or anecdote that ups your standing.

And we’re here to share with you a collection of nifty items that’ll hopefully help you in the same way. If you’ve played the Lion King game from the ‘90s, you probably remember how hard it was. That wasn’t an artistic choice or anything -- Disney just wanted to make sure it would take ages to complete. Here’s the full story, plus 12 others:

A British drama series had maybe the most surreal TV show finale of all time. the Byker Grove was a serious, grounded teen drama - and it ended with the characters realizing they're in a TV show, then being attacked by a T-Rex. CRACKED.COM

Source: HITC

A baseball player in 1919 got struck by lightning, then went back to playing. Ray Caldwell was hit by lightning on the pitcher's mound, then lay unconscious for five minutes. Then he got up and started pitching again. CRACKED.COM

Source: AccuWeather

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