12 Real-Life People Who Convince Us Superpowers Are Real

12 Real-Life People Who Convince Us Superpowers Are Real

Superpowers represent extraordinary humans and mystical talents, attributes, and features that have been used and explored in numerous works of literature and have become a popular cliché for narrative and a variety of other uses. They're also found in a variety of multiple environments and mediums that have nothing to do with narration, such as omnipotent and divine forces in mythologies and religions.

Of course, seeing mutant capabilities in CGI-assisted Marvel flicks is thrilling. Further, there are real persons with similar real super talents because of their genetic abnormalities. Modifications are the process through which evolution adds new varieties to the gene diversity.

 There are around 100 new changes every time the genetic code replicates. Scroll down to uncover a few scientifically validated human capabilities resulting from minor genetic alterations.

We've all fantasized about having superpowers, but every one of us possesses a unique skill. It's much more visible among some people, such as these 12 persons whose abilities and bodies verge on superhuman.

THE WOMAN WHO CAME BACK TO LIFE TO WIN GOLD IN THE OLYMPICS After winning the first track and field gold for women in the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics, Betty Robinson was in a plane crash. When she was found, she was assumed dead. The doctors thought she would never walk again. In 1936 Olympics, she ran the 4x100 relay and won her second gold. CRACKED.COM

Source: WBUR

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