15 Big-Name Actors Who Hate Their Famous Roles

To Rowan Atkinson, Mr. Bean is the polar opposite of lighthearted entertainment.
15 Big-Name Actors Who Hate Their Famous Roles

Sometimes success isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Getting to the top is a tough, long climb and for many actors and stars, once they reach the summit they find out they're tethered to what got them there or something they did and were loved for wasn't as near and dear to their hearts as it was everybody else's.

Take Pierce Brosnan - you would think that playing James Bond was a career highlight - but far from it, actually. And Hugo Weaving was not thrilled to reprise his role as The Red Skull. You could have fooled us - he seemed positively ecstatic to be on Vormir, no?

But it doesn't stop there. Take Rowan Atkinson's iconic character: he doesn’t find it fun or liberating to play Mr. Bean --  it’s actually “stressful and exhausting” for him. Sure doesn't show. Here’s the full story on those, plus 11 others:

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