When it comes to comedians, a lot of people like their humor to be safe; it's the jokes that they know won't get them into trouble and that they can tell without worrying about who might be offended. However, there are also comedians out there who take risks with their humor, opting for jokes that might be offensive or eyebrow-raising. While these comedians may not be for everyone, they're definitely worth checking out if you're looking for something different.

It takes guts to be a comedian. You have to be unafraid of public ridicule and willing to make yourself the brunt of jokes. But some comedians take things too far, testing the boundaries of good taste and risking public outrage.

From losing a job to getting tossed in the pokey, comedy missteps can get funny people into dangerously hot water. Here are 11 times mentioned that comedians who push the envelope with their humor sometimes cross the line into offensive territory.

AI Franken was touring as a comic with the USO when he posed for an ill- advised funny picture with conservative talk show host Leeann Tweeden. While others also accused Franken of inappropriate behavior, the prank pic was the smoking gun that led to his Senate resignation. CRACKED.COM

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