13 Reminders That Nature Is Disgusting

13 Reminders That Nature Is Disgusting

Almost everything we love is on the planet that we are rapidly destroying, but, on the bright side, some truly horrifying things also roam this planet so maybe its end isn't the worst thing. Here are some of the grossest parts of the natural world, for your sick and twisted enjoyment. 

Baby Koalas CRACKED.COM The seemingly cute creatures eat their moms' poop. For a few weeks, a joey will nuzzle its mom's butt, when she'll release poop pellets then runnier fecal matter call pap which helps prepare the baby for a diet of eucalyptus leaves.

Source: PBS

Giant South African Earthworm CRACKED.COM If you're grossed out by WORMS, imagine one that can grow up to 21 feet long.

Source: BBC

Pigeon-Eating Catfish CRACKED.COM If you've ever lived in a city, you know how absolutely disgusting pigeons are. In Southwestern France, giant catfish have learned how to hunt the gross birds.

Source: NPR

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