13 Facts To Impress Others With Your Knowledge (And Coolness)

13 Facts To Impress Others With Your Knowledge (And Coolness)

The need to please others drives our existence far more than we'd like to confess. This need to attract others has an impact on the vehicles we use, the clothing we wear, the equipment we use, and the jobs we pursue.

Regrettably, this admiration is frequently elusive. Cars get rust. Fashion evolves (who said JNCO jeans aren’t cool anymore?!). Technology evolves. And the products that wowed your neighbor yesterday don't even -whelm you today.

The universe is a strange and even sometimes amusing place. Maybe the most mundane objects have unexpectedly amusing background stories, or the strangest objects are more prevalent than we believe. There's a lot to laugh about around the globe, from unusual places in the United States to things you wouldn't believe if you hadn't seen them for yourself, and that makes for wonderful conversation starters at your next social gathering.

Do you want to win your weekly factoids game? Are you trying to broaden your horizons by learning a range of fun things? We've got your back!

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