What's The Deal: Simone Biles' Dominance & Struggles

Why Simone Biles' withdrawal isn't worth flipping out over.
What's The Deal: Simone Biles' Dominance & Struggles

There's been a lot of talk about Simone Biles' recent struggles and withdrawal from events in Tokyo. Here's why it's not worth flipping out over.

WHAT'S THE DEAL: SIMONE BILES Simone Biles CRACKED.COM Simone Biles has been the talk of the internet, both good and bad (as is the internet's wont) during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. However, those not deep in the gymnastics world may not realize just how dominant Biles' career has been.
WHAT'S THE DEAL: SIMONE BILES Back On The Pommelhorse CRACKED.co .COM How did she recover from what angry men tweeting from their toilet call mental weakness? By becoming one of the most dominant gymnasts ever. From 2013-2019 she won 19 World Championship gold medals, as well as 4 Olympic gold medals.
WHAT'S THE DEAL: SIMONE BILES Olympic-Size Expectations CRACKED.co .com In 2021, Biles was set to head to Tokyo... competing on an international stage, after one of the most stressful years on record. This should be fine! Especially with the weird feeling of ownership many sports fans seem to display towards their favorite athletes, right?
WHAT'S THE DEAL: SIMONE BILES Grace Under Ire THOMAS 3 CELEB GELEB CRACKED.CON People on social media had a lot to say. But before they could type the f in snowflake, Biles returned to nab a bronze on the balance beam, a structure most people can't walk across. Not that she needed to.


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