When was the last time you learned something interesting and completely useless? Yeah, it was probably right here on Cracked just a minute ago. Something about the sex life of lion’s mane jellyfish, probably. Why stop there? Here you have some more juicy, juicy facts for you to sink your teeth into right now. As the title says, wonder, curiosity, and dread are the main emotions these should target, because those are the main emotions any good, interesting tidbit of knowledge should evoke. Wonder because you’ll be wondering “where the hell did they find this?” Curiosity because you’ll be thinking “I’m curious how Cracked employees are spending their time trying to find this stuff.” And dread because you’ll be fearing that “my god, what sort of existence are they leading, digging through the bowels of the internet like this?” Don’t worry for us, dear reader, we have a job to do and we’re going to do it.

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