Weird World: 12 Inexplicably Ridiculous Things That Somehow Happened

In Seoul, being a Gangnam Style fan isn’t compatible with doing group exercises anymore.
Weird World: 12 Inexplicably Ridiculous Things That Somehow Happened

It’s fair to say we don’t love the explicable. We prefer the surprising, the odd, the unexplained.  The inexplicable if you will (or, even if you won’t). Why? Well we just love surprised.  We’ve covered it before too. Whether it be the time we wrote about incredibly surprising side effects that took people off guard or absolutely inexplicable skills displayed in action movies or even really surprising and unexpected things that kept happening to dead bodies.

Frankly, the only thing we did see coming about these factoids we uncovered is that we just knew they would knock our socks off.  In what world wouldn’t they? For example, we know you’ll never guess the wild trend sweeping recreational drug dealing or the way the staff at a Burger King in Nebraska all stuck it to the man(ager).

In Seoul, Gangnam Style is now considered too fast for group exercise classes. Here’s the full story, plus 11 others:

WEIRD WORLD The French are rushing to get vaccinated now that it's required for going to cafes. NO COFVEE ESPRESSO fatte the After it was recently announced that a health pass would be mandatory for visits to cafes, bars, and malls, a record 926,000 people booked a vaccine shot. CRACKED.COM

Source: NPR

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