5 Things About Vikings That We Get All Wrong

Unfortunately, thanks to centuries of misinformation in scholarly histories and in popular culture, most people suffer from a variety of misconceptions about the Vikings, from who they were to when they were active to what, exactly, they did.

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If there's anything that can be said about Roger Ebert, it's that dude loved movies. He saw more movies than any of us, even in the age of streaming, could possibly imagine. Part of that fierce love of movies, though, was that he seemed like he took bad movies personally. Agree or disagree with his takes, the man was ready and willing to 1) see any and every movie that came out and 2) say exactly what he thought about that movie. In print. And on television. And digitized and archived for all of eternity. 

Here's the other thing about Roger Ebert: he sure had a way with words. He came up in the Chicago journalism scene, which at the time was known for its writers working long hours at both the copy desk and the cheeseburger-grease-covered-and-beer-soaked bar located under a subway station. A spot later immortalized by SNL. What we're saying is Ebert couldn't afford to mince words, and boy oh boy, if a bad movie came across his desk, that was when he was at his most entertaining. Sitting through 90 minutes of phoned-in bullhockey? He got hotter than the Great Chicago Fire. Here are 14 times he went absolutely off on filmmakers and performers:

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