It's weird to think how much of our subconscious mind TV influenced, especially in childhood. We used to spend hours after school just hanging out in front of the dang thing, The funny thing about TV is you can watch or hear something a million times and never realize what it is your actually listening to.

You may think you know the deal behind your favorite TV theme songs, but we bet you didn't know some of these famous tunes were actually recorded by even famous-er (Ed note: c'mon…) pop artists.

Everyone knows the words to your favorite TV theme songs, but you might not recognize the famous voices behind the lyrics. Here are 14 big-time stars who went prime time.

For example, did you know Ozzy Osbourne did the theme song for Dog the Bounty Hunter? That was probably his biggest catch, to be honest.

So don't just stand there, scroll down and get your mind blown!

KENAN & KEL COOLIO CRACKED.COM Aaaaaah, here it goes. In the opinion of one TV Guide critic, Coolio's open is the best TV theme song of the past 20 years. Unless your intro features  pulling up in a convertible with Kenan and Kel dancing in the back, just don't even try.

TV Guide

ED FOO FIGHTERS CRACKED.COM Producers knew they didn't have the rights to Foo Fighters' Next Year for long, but used the song as Ed's theme for Season 1. The show had to switch to a more somber tune for Season 2 was that the reason for the show's popularity decline?


BIG BANG THEORY BARENAKED LADIES BiG the BANG THEORY CRACKED.COM When Chuck and Bill called ... they said 'big fans, we'd like you guys to write this song, says BNL's Ed Robertson. I had my guard up and said 'Look, how many other bands have you asked?' There was this dead air and they said 'We really like you. We haven't asked anyone else.

CBS News

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